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Chairperson 2017 - 2018


Dear Members of the Association.

The Association has seen a very eventful year with the retirement of Mr J.H.H du Plessis who has been replaced as CEO by Mr Michael Primmer. The Association wish to thank Mr du Plessis for his many years of dedicated service and wish him well for the future.

The Association has ended the financial year on a positive note mainly due to the successful collection of arrear revenues owed by the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS). As a consequence our Contingency Funding position has shown a considerable improvement.

The Association has undergone many changes to systems and procedures with the implementation of the Water Administration System (WAS), the VIP Payroll System and the outsourcing of the Human Resources and Health and Safety functions, all with the aim of increasing our operational efficiency. A process of re-organising the office and operational staffing structure has also begun with emphasis being placed on training and staff development. This initiative will continue into the coming financial year.

This year has also seen a substantial increase in our maintenance capacity with the employment of local contractors and labour to accelerate improvements in vegetation control and minor maintenance. Outsourced plant and equipment has also been used to do much needed clearing of mud and silt from the canal system.

The canal break which occurred in 2017 has yet to be permanently repaired and water supply through the canal is being carefully managed. This year has also seen an improvement in the relationship between the Association, DWS and the local Municipalities with regular meetings and communication to improve planning and operations.

The negative effects of this year's general strike action in the Sundays River Valley have largely been countered by extending the maintenance dry periods and has allowed the planned maintenance schedule to be carried out within the planned budget.


The Association is very aware of the current drought situation in the Eastern Cape and we appeal to all users to continue using the water available as efficiently as possible.

Once again I wish to thank my colleagues on the Management Committee and to the staff of the Association for their positive input and support over the past financial year.


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