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Chairperson 2013 - 2014


Dear Members of the Association

The year has brought about some changes to your representation on the Management Committee.

Mr Rossouw passed away during December 2013 creating a vacancy and with the election of March 2014, Mr Deon Joubert replaced Mr Rossouw who had served on the Management Committee for 13 years and Mr Hannes Joubert replaced Mr Myers, the previous Chairperson who had served as Chairperson for 8 years.

I was elected as Chairperson to commence on 1st April 2014 with Mr P van der Vyver as the Vice Chairperson rounding off the changes.

The year under review has also brought some new challenges to the for and we are currently addressing those challenges.

We have also employed additional staff to improve the maintenance aspect of the canals.

This aspect has only just commenced and we will be seeing the benefits of this in the future, although the winter maintenance program was completed and a lot of works were completed which was also due to pressure imposed from Management to ensure that the targets were met.

All in all the year, although difficult at times and have made my challenge for the year even greater, but will strive to move forward.

I also wish to extend my appreciation to my colleagues on the Management Committee as well as all the staff who are committed to facing the challenges.


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